Are you looking for a more effective treatment for neck pain?

Are you looking for a more effective treatment for neck pain?

Young man suffering from neck pain. Headache pain.

Do you want a more effective way to relieve neck pain than asking your spouse, friend or co-worker to massage it? You’re not the only one looking for a more effective treatment than asking a friend, co-worker, or spouse to rub your neck.

Chronic neck pain can be a common problem that can cause inability to sleep, time loss, and inability to perform daily tasks.

The exact number of people suffering from neck pain can vary from 10-70%. However, the Neck Pain Task Force discovered that between 5-10% of neck pain sufferers are disabled. They also noted that neck pain can lead to recurring neck pain. Neck pain treatment and the cost to society for neck pain are in the tens of billions.

The anatomy of neck pain

The cervical spine is also known as the neck. It starts at the base of your skull and has seven small vertebrae. Amazingly, the cervical spine can support your entire head weight, which averages around 12 pounds. Although the cervical spine is flexible enough to move your head in almost any direction, it can also cause injury and pain.

Biomechanics is a major factor in the neck’s vulnerability to injury. The following activities and events can affect cervical biomechanics: prolonged sitting, repetitive movement and falls, blows to the head or body, normal aging, and everyday wear and tear.

How Important is Your Neck Curve?

Neck curvature
Neck curvature

The lordotic curve, a shock absorber built into your neck, was created. Because the curve acts as a spring, it absorbs shock from your head on your neck.

Your neck curve becomes less curvy when the ligaments supporting it becomes stretched. They lose their ability to retain the curve.

It can be caused by motor vehicle accidents, poor posture, or uncorrected vertebral Subluxation Complexes.

Your neck curve will have lost and your shoulder muscles will try to keep your head in the right position. They are not designed for this task and tire easily. Unless your head is set on falling into your lap, your neck muscles must continue to support your head until they get tired.

This is exactly how muscle spasms happen, leading to shoulder, neck, and upper back pain. Chiropractic care is focused on restoring the curve of your neck. This is why many people who seek neck pain relief find chiropractic care to be effective in relieving or eliminating neck pain.

Causes of neck pain

Flexibility in the neck is a tradeoff for its vulnerability to injury. Neck pain can result from injury to any structure in the neck and cervical spine region. Effective neck pain treatment is essential for this reason.


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